voronoi table lamp

In addition to its unbelievably pleasant lighting mood, the lamp creates fascinating shadows in her surrounding.

inside the lampshade is a second screen which can be twisted and ensures that you will never be unpleasantly blinded.

The head is carried by a long stand which gives the lamp a meaningful figure.
At the end is a small piece of gooseneck on which the head can be moved, which is especially important to align the shadows.

lampshade built in rhino and manufactured with 3d printing.



This beautiful piece of hazel wood I harvested in the forests of my native region.
After a long drying time, I started cutting the wood down to symmetry and ergonomics. in that process the deep layers of the wood have come through so beautifully.

With extracted tannic acid from walnuts, I have given the wood even more depth and color.
finally cooked for long-term protection in linseed oil firn, grinded up to 1000 and sealed with hard wax.


brass door handle sets

As part of the restoration of my apartment these brass handles were created. Since no original handles were to get and the still existing as a casting template were unsuitable, I have measured this unceremoniously and copied with stronger expressions, then 3d printed and poured into brass.


voronoi wall lamp

lampshade built in rhino and manufactured with 3D printing.
The open Voronoi structure is so lightweight that the wall mount can be super-sized.
it is so small that it just covers the opening in the wall.

at the small joint The lamp and the shadows can be aligned.
It is fastened without drilling directly on the commercially available flush-mounted body.

The mirrored light bulb throws the light through the Voronoi structure this creates a unique breathtaking picture on the wall.


concrete speaker

the special feature is that the concrete corpuses are completely made of one piece, which could only be realized with lost inside shapes .
The only openings are those of the terminal and the cassis.

In addition they are relatively light because the wall thickness is less than 10mm and at the bass reflex channel even only 6mm.

All threads for spikes and chassis are cast directly in the concrete
produced by casting with dykerhoff flowstone and powerd by high end componets from visaton



Stand or sit – why not do both?

Does your body sometimes tell you thatyou’ve been sitting for too long? But youdon’t really want to stand either? Or wouldyou really like to take the weight off your feetbut can’t do your work sitting down?

The solution is sway. This new stool designedby Burkhard Vogtherr is simple, elegantand healthy. And its uses are almost limitless:wherever sitting is best avoided andstanding can get too strenuous, sway is inits element.

What makes sway so special is the fact thatits leg is flexibly mounted. You thus automaticallyadopt a healthy, non-static sittingposture.

Designed together with Burkhard Vogtherr produced by Girsberger



Slide has a clear, modern design language and the square-shaped cockpit offers great seating comfort. The geometric frame stands in exciting contrast with the organic tube.

Designed together with Burkhard Vogtherr in 2009 | produced by arco furniture

LASAI benchwood

„borned to meet with a very exclusive demand for waiting areas“

To achieve a pure aesthetic line has been a fixed idea in the development of LASAI benchwood. The subtle connexions between the different parts of the bench are a good example of it.

Designed together with Burkhard Vogtherr in 2010 | produced by Sellex

Available in both Oak and Beech wood. Dimensions can be either 1660mm or 2100mm. long.